Olive Our Dreams Came True

What do you do when you have the love of your life by your side, 5 acres of dry barren land, and a passion to create and inspire? We turned this love and energy into the earth, creating a farm where the dedication and passion we have for each other and our family, could extend into the richness and beauty of the land we call home.

Since 2015 we have shaped and cultivated this land, by our hands, from our dreams, to build a magical place for our family. We chose olives as our primary crop because of their hardiness and resilience in harsh lands, the ability to thrive without needing to use chemicals and unnatural elements to grow, and the numerous ways that olives can be used to live a healthier life.

To be blessed with such gifts can only truly realized when they are shared with others and is the inspiration behind our decision to share our bounty with you. Olive Crush Farms started as our dream and passion for life, and our hope is that in a small way it may become a part of yours.