Gold Country Coffee


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Murphy’s Blend: This medium roast coffee is a fan favorite at Olive Crush Farms. It’s Smooth and crisp with hints of wild melon, bittersweet chocolate, and a touch of vanilla spice.

Java Kayumas Taman Dadar: This dark roast coffee is superbly rich and bold, with notes of butterscotch, dark chocolate, walnut, and a subtle peaty earthiness.

Premium Decaf Blend: A medium decaf coffee with a lively and balanced blend of chocolate, caramel, and fruit flavors.

Peru Decaf: This medium decaf is rich and satisfying, with balanced layers of cocoa, caramelized sugar and aromatic almonds.

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Murphy’s Blend (Whole Bean), Ground Murphy’s Blend, Java Kayumas Taman Dadar (Whole Bean), Ground Java Kayumas Taman Dadar, Premium Decaf (Whole Bean), Ground Premium Decaf, Peru Decaf (Whole Bean), Ground Peru Decaf, Columbian Italian Roast (whole bean), Columbia La Cabana French Roast (whole bean), Columbia La Cabana French Roast (grounded)