Mangini Ranch Olive Oil


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Mission Oil
• Aroma: Mild aroma of floral, herbs and hint of grass
• Flavor: It’s a robust bitter olive oil with grassy, herbaceous and pine attributes.
• Pairing/Uses:
o Pasta, Pizza, Breads, Meats/marinades, soups, cottage cheese, and vanilla ice cream.
Calaveras Blend
• Aroma: Artichoke, grass, apple, pine nuts
• Flavor: Slightly bitter taste of fresh cut grass, black pepper, green artichoke.
• Pairing/Uses:
o pasta, pizza, breads, meats, soups, vegetables, salads, and desserts.
o Use this oil in lieu of butter at your next summer barbecue. Drizzle it over your corn on the cob; use it in dressing for leafy greens, potato salad, or pasta salad; or brush it on the meats your grilling and season to taste with any of our herbs and spices.

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Mission Estate 500ml, Mission Estate 250ml, Calaveras Reserve 250ml, Calaveras Reserve 500ml