Trash Talk by Annie


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Card Teddy Bear, Card My Sunshine, Card Time Out, i bring my owner, Card escalated quickly, Card hokey pokey, Card New Boobs, Card New Baby, Card During Sex, Card Upstairs make love, Card Congrats marriage, Card Married Women, Card Lets swap, Card Sorry i slapped, i dont know, Card Half Ass, Cards Friends help, Card Nasty People, Card Challenge you, Card killed him, Card by the power, Card Better Naked, Card Don’t brag, Card Giggles, Card Still got it, Card Ghost friends, Card Go Braless, Card Golden, Card getting old, Card A stripper, Card Walk through, Card Growing old, Card Dangerous, Card old fart, Card God made us, Card Friendship, Card Through Much, Card That age, Card Woo hoo, Card So Sorry, Card In Life, Card-go missing, Card We are family, Card Bail Money, Card Chest Pains, Be decisive, Be careful, Normal Cat Lady, Ask a man, Hiding from exercize, without caffeine, Dear friend, inside skinny, Back in the day, OMG, If you ever, Getting older, No Knight, Getting married, Cactus expert, Joined a fitness club